About Us

I'm Julie, the owner and founder of Claress & Co. Thanks for checking us out. I'm excited to personally give you some background of who we are and what we do. 

Our story...

I have always tried to be mindful of the amount of waste we were producing as a young family. However, working two jobs and raising two young children, I didn't feel like I had time, energy and money to change my daily routines (I know better now!). A couple of years ago, while on a holiday at the beach, my eldest daughter spotted some plastic rubbish being washed away by the waves. She became concerned for the welfare of the marine life and insisted on climbing down the peer and into to the water to collect it. This was a proud Mama moment for me. It is when I realised that it was time for our family to try harder to reduce our disposable plastic pollution. With that in mind, I started making my own reusable produce bags (thank you YouTube tutorials!). The bags were a great hit and I received lovely feedback  at the shops. So I thought, why not try to encourage others to reduce their everyday single use plastic too? This is how I became an entrepreneur!

Our collection of reusable organic cotton produce bags was first launched in August 2018. I started selling our bags at local markets, school fundraisers events, etc. and with the increased demand, I eventually created our online store.

Our mission... 

While we are progressing towards minimal waste, we are very much aware of how difficult it can be to achieve, especially when raising young children. With that in mind, we have designed a range of affordable eco-friendly reusable and durable products that will help you reduce your disposable waste in no time (and without effort)! 

Unlike many others (super expensive brands you see advertised everywhere),  our commitment is to promote durable and practical reusable home essentials at at a fair price that most families can afford (AfterPay available for those difficult months). Because protecting our planet is not a fad but a global revolution that everyone should have an opportunity to be part of. Remember, together we make change.

As the business owner and a pedantic person (ask my husband!), I am committed to ensure over the top quality control and approachable customer service. So come on, give us a try, compare our products with more expensive brands and come back to us! 

What's next?

Our heads are full of ideas and we hope to expand our collection in the near future. We have spent the last few months researching and rigorously testing new potential products. Please stay tuned for upcoming stylish, practical and affordable new collections!

As the business grows, we hope to be able to source more products from Australia. It is important for us to try to support our economy and to further reduce our carbon footprint. Do you have any ideas on what we could add to our collections next? Please let us know via our contact us page or directly at claressco@gmail.com. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

We are super proud of our Claress & Co. community so please brighten up our day by sharing your Claress & Co. products on social media @claress_co. 

Stay safe.